Sunday, February 21, 2010

Activating Your Pineal

The main factor preventing activation of the higher brain states is that we are not energetically connected from the base of our spines all the way up to our brains. I believe that the base chakra, represents Earth, (our full physical potential), and the pineal gland in the brain represents heaven, (our full spiritual potential). Connecting heaven and earth within our physical body is what we are here to master.

VirtualLight #5 Pineal Crystals Discussion July 2009
posted 2 July, 2009,
Sandra asked Steve some very important questions. The answers to which show an overview of what is happening on Earth right now with the Re-wire. This was the first time Steve talked about the Pineal Crystals that have been discovered in the Pineal Gland of humans. The latest modality from Lightworker and the group is the Medulla Pineal activation which is designed to activate these crystals for the next stage of humans. Steve said the group will talk about more about it in the channel in Segment 6. Many other subjects were covered in this short segment of Q & A

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