Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Lost Archives - Annunaki's True Mission

Much has been written about how human DNA has been manipulated by an alien race called the Annunaki. Zechariah Sitchin, among others have devoted years of research on the "creator Gods", labeling them as benefactors, worshiped by orthodox religions, known in the Sumerian texts their chieftain, Enlil.

A recently revealed video depicts this truths of our beginnings, Phenomenon - Genesis Revisted.

The Annunaki genetically engineered a slave workforce for their mining operations not for our benefit but to save Nibiru, their planetoid headquarters. Their true legacy to corrupt our DNA with reptilian warlike instincts, genocide, addictive behaviors, disconnection from our mother Earth to defile rivers and seas. Is this civilization to be thankful for?

Non-symbiotic Annunaki genes have been spliced time and time again to corrupt the original masterpiece of the divine Human blueprint into the nightmare called advancement. It is the Annunaki gene code that drives us to solve conflict with murder, to rape children to satiate sexual insanity born of disconnection between heart and divine procreative centers.

Annunaki consciousness plagues our literature and film with endless violence, negative dramas incessantly stimulating the reptilian brain and triggering adrenal toxicity. Our obsession with death is their legacy. They have brought not the seed of life, but the obscenity of death.

They want the Earth for their home, to this end they have been carrying out an extensive breeding program over a long period of time, re-splicing the Human gene code over and over again to create a biological compatibility the would allow for the Annunaki consciousness to interface with not only the environment, but also to become part of the symbiosis of the whole solar system.

Will this agenda work? Take a look at Mars for your answer.Ultimately, this agenda will result in the subsequent loss of eco-symbiosis that could wipe out the Human race and its Mother planet. The Annunaki do not have the blueprint, the Soul Covenant that would grace them with the capacity to absorb, translate, utilize and transmit the intelligence which defines the masterpiece of the Human design and its function as an alchemical component of conscious evolution within the entire solar system.

The intention of the Annunaki is that we will integrate into, or be overwhelmed by, their genes. Perhaps there will be a massive culling to this end. They already tried with HIV in Africa to wipe out that race. There are those working to sustain the Annunaki, through deception upon Humanity.

To harness support for their atrocities, there's the "good cop, bad cop' scenario being told about the Annunaki. The story is told that there are two 'royal' Annunaki brothers responsible for the hybrid slave race; one bad and one... not exactly good. Enlil is the more ruthless brother and Enki is the master 'creator' geneticist who is now sorry for the part he played in the manipulation of Humanity.His move to save the hybrids form total annihilation by commanding Uta-naphishtim of Ur to build the 'Ark' and preserve the gene pool. More likely DNA samples were preserved for reseeding, as is suggested in Sumerian texts.

The mask of 'god' is slipping and the light of the acceleration of conscious evolution that has been activated by the new intensity of photonic intelligence radiating through our solar system. The imposters have been revealed, the manipulators, psuedo-divine, these usurpers of Humanity.

We are the stolen race on a stolen planet. Most of our electromagnetic circuitry is switched off, the greater part of our genetic properties modified. We have been disengaged from Source. Without it, Humanity is orphaned and disoriented, seaching blindly for a point of spiritual reference in order to know itself and evolve.

The jewel, our Earth is the manifestation of Source Consciousness, perfect balance between spirit and matter, a stargate through which the potential of creation finds birth into time and space. It is prime real-estate for the Annunaki. It cannot be fought for but it can be retrieved; not through any battlefield but through the resurrection of the divine Human blueprint.

Your Source Consciousness undermines the predominant fear-based conflict-riddled world structure simply by being, each one of you adding a fractal of consciousness to the required critical mass of the new paradigm hologram. This will create a stable resonant field to transcend the mortal paradigm.

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  1. Little known is that there has been carried out a program aiming at redefining the total earth concept by raising the vibrations of the planet soul itself. From the highest Source was this lead. It is now more than ten years since this was completed and the process is well under way and NOT possible to stop. It is like putting butter in the sun, it can only melt. We are now in the final transition stage. My guess is, perhaps 18-24 months left of this "civilisation" and we will see a lot of Annunaki inspired attempts to enslave us once and for all. They know time is running out and they are panicking. But they will, as always, fail. They operate out of ego without perspective. This is a dead end, literally.